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Michigan Hilltop Operating Locations
Name of Hill Grid Square Lon. Lat. Height Other Information Map
Mt. Zion Park EN46vl 90,10,04 46,28,36 1722 North edge of Ironwood.  Report says nice view. #1                      WB8TGY Map
Bald Mt. EN46tn 90,20,06 46,33,58 1317 North of Ironwood. #1                                                      WB8TGY     Map
Wolf Mt. EN56ck 89,46,15 46,26,30 1826 SE of Wakefield off US2. #1                                             WB8TGY Map
Lake Of The Clouds Overlook EN56ct 89,45,48 46,48,12 1312 End of M107, W of Silver City.  Short walk from parking lot to summit.  Nice view to E, S, & W                                                              WB8TGY Map
Picnic Area EN56dt 89,43,34 46,49,01 1142 E of Lake of the Clouds Overlook on M107.  Nice view to the W, N, NE. WB8TGY Map
Summit Peak EN56cr 89,46,16 46,44,50 1958 Located on south side of Porcupine Mount. St. Park.  Short walk from parking area.                                                                                       WB8TGY Map
Bergland Lookout EN56fq 89,34,38 46,40,39 1775 N. of Bergland, W of Old M64.  Road to the top.  Lot of trees, view to E. #1   


Trap Hills EN56fp 89,31,05 46,39,19 1732 N. of Bergland, E of Old M64. Nice view to E & S. #1             WB8TGY Map
Lookout Mt. EN56jq 89,14,45 46,41,23 1338 S of Victoria, parking off of road to Victoria Dam, walk to top.  Nice view to E & SE.  #1                                                                                     WB8TGY Map
Silver Mt. EN56pq 88,44,30 46,40,01 1293 SW of Baraga. On Forest hwy 2270, about 1 mile S of junction of hwy 2270 & 2276. Park at base of hill, hike to top.  Nice view.                      WB8TGY Map
Mt. Horace Greeley EN57vi 88,10,11 47,22,15 1530
SE of Central, old Air Force Radar station. Good view in most directions.  Need updated report, please someone.                                                   WB8TGY Map
Mt. Lookout EN57wk 88,06,07 47,26,52 1335 SE of Eagle Harbor.  Go about 1/4 miles out of Eagle Harbor on road to Delaware, and turn on first dirt road.  Go down dirt rd. abt 1/4 mile park at base of steep sand slope.  Walk up sandy hill to top and then walk two track to top of Mt. Lookout.  Total walk is about 3 miles (one way).  First hilltop is not Mt. Lookout, go on to the second hilltop on trail.  Good view in all directions (per web site).                                                                                         WB8TGY  Map
Consumers Energy Lookout EN63sv 86,26,15 43,54,05 900
Overlook for Consumers Energy's storage reservoir. About 4 miles south of Ludington.  Must park in parking lot and walk up hill.  Observation deck is only open in summer, the rest of the year you can only go part way up the trail.  Good view of Lake Michigan.  There is a deck closer to the parking lot that is not as high.                                                                                         WB8TGY Map
Inspiration Point EN64vm 86,14,00 44,31,13 823
Roadside Park on M22 at Benzie/Manistee countyline.  Nice view of Lake Michigan and S, trees in other direcitons.  125 steps to top of observation deck, can also operate from parking lot.  Locals claim it's the highest point on the shore of Lake Michigan.                                                                     WB8TGY Map
Shauger Hill EN64xu 86,04,23 44,51,54 1082 "Lake Michigan" overlook on Pierce Stocking Drive. About 5miles N of Empire off of M109.  NPS owns road, must pay park fee.  Park in lot and carry equipment over boardwalk to top, not a hard walk.  Great view of Lake Michigan, Manitou Islands, and some of Glen Lake.                   WB8TGY Map
Empire Bluffs EN64xt 86,04,15 44,48,04 1100 Bluff on Lake Michigan, just south of Empire.  Great view to west.  Parking lot off of Wilco Rd, hike to top.                                                            WB8TGY Map
South Manitou Is. Sand Dune EN65wa 86,09,00 45,00,40 980 Bluff on SW side of South Manitou Island.  Great view in all directions, on clear day can see Wisconsin.  Must backpack on island.  Dune 400 ft. above Lake Mich.                                                                                         WB8TGY Map
Sugarloaf Mt. EN66go 87,27,43 46,36,18 1060  N of Marquette, off of co. Rd. 550.  Park at lot, hike abt mile to top.  Nice view to E, N, & S.                                                                           WB8TGY Map
Mt. Brockway EN67al 87,58 47,27,50  1341  W of Copper Harbor, can drive up to top, now an open park with parking lot.  Great view, a few hills to the south.  740ft. above Lake Superior. WB8TGY Map
  EN71sw 84,26 41,56,5 1255 Juction of Wood Rd. & Kelso Rd.  NW of Chruchs Corners. Great view NE, E, SE & S, not to W or N.                                                             WB8TGY Map
Jamestown Hill EN72ct 85,49,18 42,48,33 890 2316 16th Ave, Jamestown. Pull into the driveway of the microwave tower. Great look in most directions. The 120 foot tower .5 miles to the west is John,  K8IHY, who is very accommodating.                                          K8TB Map
Sack rider Hill EN72vh 84,12,36 42,18,6 1128 One mile north of I-94 on Mt. Hope (Grass Lake. exit), abt 8 miles E of Jackson.  Parking lot on west side of Mt. Hope (outhouse at parking lot), .2 mile walk to wood deck at top of hill.  Some treetops are same height as deck, good view in most directions.                                                                             WB8TGY Map
Windsor Hill EN72pp 84,42,3 42,38,32 990 Lansing Rd. 2 miles NW of Potterville.  WB8TGY's QTH is on this hill.  Good view SW, NE, & E.                                                                     WB8TGY Map
Bundy Hill EN72sb 84,27,9 42,3,6 1240 E of Moscow off of U.S.12.  Can operate from parking lot at truckstop on the hill (not the top of the hill).  Chuck, WD8DTH reports trees blocking view in most directions.                                                                                  WB8TGY Map
Dias Hill EN72et 85,39 42,48 1040 92nd St. between Eastern Av. Division Av. You can usually park in the driveway of the old AT&T tower. There is a lot of RF here, 2 FM's and the 147.16 repeater, and plenty of 920 Mhz crud.                                          K8TB Map
Fisk Knob EN73eg 85,36,45 43,17,0 1062 W. of Algoma Av. between 21 Mile and 22 Mile NW of Rockford.  Parking lot at road, short walk to top, nice view all directions.                            WB8TGY Map
Aylsworth & Johnson Overlook EN74at
or ??
85,59,58 44,49,11 1130
1.5 miles N of M72 on Co. Rd. 677, about 2 miles NE of Empire.  Nice view to S, SE, & SW, trees in other directions.  Co. Rr. 677.   Maps and WB9SPT's GPS claim parking area is EN74at, NE8I's and WB8TGY's GPS claim EN64xt.  Believe EN74at is right.                                                              WB8TGY Map
Pyramid Point EN74ax 85,55,40 44,57,40 970 NE of Glen Arbor, overlooking Lake Michigan, great view of the lake and islands.  Park at lot walk about a mile (up hill).                             WB8TGY Map
Miller Hill Overlook EN74av 85,56,37 44,54,19 1000 East of Glen Arbor, overlooking Glen Lake and Lake Michigan.  Great view to west, trees in all other directions.  Can drive a car to overlook.         WB8TGY Map
Grove Hill EN74hd 85,21 44,8 1703 SE of Cadillac, next to WWTV.  Park at top of hill is covered with trees, road in front of part is a little lower, but has a good view to S                        WB8TGY Map
Scenic Overlook
(not on Caberfae
ski hill)
EN74dg 85,42,46 44,16,28 1483
Go west on M55 about 11 miles from junction of M115 and M55.  Then north on road toward Caberfae Ski Lodge, and turn right on NO 11 1/5 Rd. (follow signs).  Large radio tower on hill.  Wood deck at overlook.  Good view from about 140 to 280 degrees SE to W , rest trees.                            WB8TGY Map
Scenic Overlook
EN74gc 85,28,29 44,07,25 1340
Rest area about 7 miles S of Cadillac on Southbound US131.  Not really high, but a good view in most directions.  Parking area near top of hill.          WB8TGY Map
Braman Hill EN75ed 85,38,18 45,08,11 770 Scenic overlook and park, with tables.  Can drive to top of hill.  West of Northport about 1.5 miles off of Melkild Rd. (Third St. in Northport).  Great view from SE to NNE, trees in other directions.                                     WB8TGY Map
Senic Overlook (I-75) EN75qm 84,36,53 45,30,22 787 Scenic overlook at rest area on northbound I-75 north of Indian River.  Mile marker 316.  Good view to from SSW to NNW.  Can drive to parking area at top of hill, short walk to wood deck.                                              WB8TGY Map
Senic Overlook (I-75) EN75qp 84,38,29 45,39,41 837 Scenic overlook at rest area on southbound I-75, south of Mackinaw City.  Mile marker 328. Good view E, SE, S, SW, W, NW.  Parking lot on top of  hill.                                                                                            WB8TGY Map
Roadside Park at Epoufette EN76jb 85,10,51 46,03,45 690  Roadside park on US-2 overlooking Epoufette Bay.  Nice view to SE, S, & SW.


Corner of grid EN81ax 83,59,30 41,59,30 850 Russell Rd. .25 miles E of M52, W of Tecumseh, NW corner of EN81 WB8TGY Map
Michigan's Lost Peninsula EN81gr 83,27,46 41,43,59   This spot is a parking lot across from restaurant. On Edgewater Dr. just as
you cross back into Michigan from Ohio. The ONLY way to get to this location
is exiting Michigan into Ohio and then back into Michigan.               W8ISS
Sterling State Park EN81hv 83,20,5 41,54,38   State Park Permit required. I-75 to N. Dixie Highway (Monroe exit). Head East to State Park Rd. Careful as you come upon the entrance as it is easy to pass up if your not familiar with the entrance. Entrance on right. Pay booth is about a mile from Dixie Highway. Follow road past first turn (boat ramps on left side). Go to second left turn and park as close to the beach as permissible. The state rangers here are friendly.                                                                         W8ISS Map
I-94 Chelsea rest stop EN82ah 83,59,59 42,17,37   Driving directions: Head East on I-94 from M52. The entrance ramp is just past the Freer Rd. overpass.
Only accessible form the East bound side of I-94. Parking lot toggles between EN72xh and EN82ah                                                                 W8ISS
South Lyon Twp. Park ("Garbage Pit Hill") EN82em 83,37,17 42,31,05 ? Off of I-96, Milford RD. S to Grand River, W on Grand River turn right into park.  Good view to E, & SE.                                                    WB8TGY Map
Kerr Hill EN82hv 83,23,53 42,55,46 1210
Corner of Hadley Rd. and Fox Lake Rd.  About 4 miles south of Hadley.  Christ Lutheran Cemetery on top of hill, many trees.  OK view to west.  WB8TGY Map
Hines Drive EN82II 83,19,29 42,20,42  
Driving Directions: Merriman Rd. to Hawthorne Dr.>Hawthorne Dr. to Edward Hines Dr. Make a left turn and go about 2 1/2 miles and the site will be on your right side.
This is the sled hill with a gazebo at the top of the hill. Has ac plugs but unknown
if they work. Equipment has to be carried up the hill. Good portable site.
This is a county park. Official closing time is dusk. Unknown about what sheriff
patrols will do if they see the antennas                                       W8ISS
Mt. Christie EN82iu 83,19,35 42,53,04 1335
Northwest of Oxford.  Go west of M-24 on Davison Rd. about 1 miles then into Mt. Christie subdivision, follow signs to dirt trail to gazebo at top of hill.  Nice view in all directions except west.  Able to work 1282.400Mhz repeater in Clawson with H.T. from here.                                                WB8TGY Map
Lake Erie Metro Park EN82ja 83,11,57 42,2,18   Entrance Fee Required. Driving directions: EN82ja site:
I-75 to Huron River Dr. NORTH (exit 27). East to W. Jefferson Ave then South
to Campau Dr then East. Campau Dr. changes names to Point Mouille Rd. Follow
this to the boat ramp area. You'll be on Michigan DNR property, so you may
need to have a state permit.                                                      W8ISS
Lake Erie Metro Park EN82jb 83,12,39 42,4,14   EN82jb entrance:
I-75 to Huron River Dr. NORTH (exit 27). East to W. Jefferson Ave. North to
park entrance. There are a number of spots to use for VHF/UHF to 1.2GHz. If
you utilize the Cove Point picnic area, this is good to 10GHz East and South-
east. There is also the Lee Rd. entrance for the marina that has a scenic
lookout that could be utilized to better advantage for 10GHz + activity. W8ISS
Allen Park EN82jg 83,12,29 42,16,47   I-94 to Southfield Expressway. North to Outer Drive and take the exit to turn
right. Go to second light (Fairlane Dr.) and go up the hill. As you crest,
there is a utility building on the left side that has space for about five
vehicles. Local PD and security will drive by and ask about what you are
doing. Be friendly and you'll have no issues.                            W8ISS
  EN83jd 83,12,00 43,08,00 1003 Corner of Cedar Lake Rd. & trail going W between Welch Rd. & Kings Mill Rd., NW of Imlay City.  Good view to W and S.  NOT good to E.   WB8TGY Map
  EN83le 83,03,30 43,11,00 1058 Deanville Rd. between Churchhill Rd. & Scheinhall, N of Imlay City.   Also nice on Deanville Rd. South of Deanville Rd. (abt 1020ft.)              WB8TGY Map
Lumberman's Monument Park EN84ek 83,37,18 44,26,13 825 On River Road, west of Oscoda.  Overlooks Cooke Dam Pond, sounds like good view to N & NW.  There is also a picnic area 1.5 miles west on River Road that looks like it have a good view to N & NE, another report says there is a 30 ft. high observation deck here.  Note #1.                                 WB8TGY Map
AuSable Vista Overlook EN84co 83,49,56 44,36,52 900 On AuSable River Rd. 4 miles N of road F30, NW of Glennie.  Reports caim you can see 20 miles of the river from here.  Note #1.                 WB8TGY Map
Manning Hill EN85db 83,43,34 45,03,39 855 Roadside Park just off Highway M32 & M65, West of Alpena. Good view to WSW, W, NW, N, and NE.  If you can carry your station to top of hill, good view S also. (per WA8VPD).                                                WB8TGY Map

A special thank you to Mark, WB8TGY for the genesis on this page. Other locations added by James, W8ISS and Dave, KF8QL and others.


Note #1:  Information from web pages.  I don't have first hand information about this
site from a amateur radio operator that has here.

Note:  To help find some of the hills listed above, I recommend the "Michigan Atlas & Gazetteer" by DeLorme.

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